Andrea Brugnera

Andrea Brugnera works in Treviso. His education is intertwined between the degree in Botany and Wood Technology and the study of Luciano Bertoncini; these two worlds, industrial ecology and design, merge in 2009 with the thesis "Furnishing in honeycomb cardboard". In the same year he started the activity of designer and realizes cardboard projects in Italy and abroad, from playful furniture for children to retail and exhibition spaces as stands at Pitti; wins international competitions and designs for various companies in the furniture, lighting and clothing sectors. In 2015 he was selected with the prestigious Young & Design award, exhibited at the Milan Triennale and launched a self-produced collection, presented during the Salone del Mobile.
"I love to design in silence and I believe that design must be functional and passionate, attentive to detail, a design that conveys poetry and amazement, always having fun."