Micro Telescopic


The extension range of the new lamp Micro Telescopic, designed by Jean Nouvel, is incredible. Just a simple touch activates the opening mechanism and the lamp can be extended to the desired length, up to two metres and twenty.

Everyone can enjoy the entertainment of being able to continually reinvent the atmospheres of light that can be produces by varying the different heights.

When fully retracted, the Micro Telescopic practically disappears to look rather like a small torch, but when extended, all its incredible appeal is released and creates a magical, bright setting. Whether fixed to the ceiling on its own or in a group, the lamp evoke the surreal image of a hanging forest of stalactites of varying length, which can almost touch the floor, flooding it with light.

As a floor lamp it can generate a sequence of different height columns.

Micro Telescopic is in extruded aluminium in matt white, nickel and matt black.

The pendant is available with three or four telescopic modules. The floor lamp is made of four elements and is supplied with one supporting base housing five lamps.
Each telescopic lamp can be fitted with a GU 10 LED light bulb.